Birthday Praise 2016

By June 21, 20202 Comments

Giving praise to God, the giver of life for adding another year to my life. Baba, E se modupe Daddy.

I made this video a few years ago (2016) on my birthday and had wanted to trim it before posting it. However in the process, I realised the whole video was a message in itself.

I was worshiping God, the Father on my birthday when my son unexpectedly came back from school and blurted out “love you mum”. Right there and then, I felt he had messed up my worship and video, but now I realised it was the Father approving of my worship and telling me He loves me through my son.

What joy the Father feels when we spontaneously, without planning or premeditation spurt out to Him: “I love You Abba”. That joy was mine that day on my birthday, as I loved the Father and my son loved me back.

Hallelujah. I love You Abba”



  • Arinola Ajetunmobi says:

    I couldn’t hear this on your blog. Perhaps its my laptop volume or something else. However, I was still connected with your movement. Its funny how the holy spirit moves. Thank you Lord.

  • Arinola Ajetunmobi says:

    This is a beautiful website. Beautiful and inspiring write-ups. May the Lord take you to greater heights in Jesus name. Congrats to a wonderful sister.

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