‘MY ROCK’ (Chilled Version)

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On the 3rd of March, 2015, I attended the women’s prayer meeting at my local church, where we share and pray about the different challenging circumstances we struggle with. I wasn’t feeling particularly joyful that day, so I decided to share about a difficult situation that I had been dealing with for a long time, which didn’t seem to be improving at all. I felt trapped and unable to escape this situation.

After sharing, the other ladies prayed with me and my pastor encouraged me by declaring God’s word over me. I went home after the meeting, but couldn’t stop thinking about the words my pastor had spoken over me and I fell asleep still meditating on her words. And in the space of a few hours, the Holy Spirit began to speak the words of ‘MY ROCK’ to me in my dream. My life has never been the same again since I woke up from my dream that day.

After many years since that dream, the lyrics of ‘MY ROCK’ continue to remain my anchor anthem when I feel helpless, depressed, disabled or imperfect. It has become a song of joy and victory to me, that nothing which God has put in my heart is impossible for me to achieve as long as I lean on Him and obey His word.

Through the lyrics of ‘MY ROCK’ God keeps reassuring me that though unpleasant situations like storms, rain, troubles, pains and challenges are inevitable in life, I can dare to take bold steps of faith in God to accomplish the seemingly impossible dreams of my heart. Even when I am weak and make mistakes and wander away from the plan of God for my life, He will always find me and bring me home to Himself and His perfect will and purpose for my life, because He is the immovable Rock of my life and His word remains unchanging forever.

It had always been my desire to pursue an academic degree at the university level. I started out with the pursuit of this dream as a teenager in Nigeria, into adulthood in Germany, and eventually attained my first degree in Ireland as a mum of five, at the whooping age of 40 years old! Regardless of how many children I had, how old I was, or how long it took me to pursue and achieve my dream of a university degree, the truth is that God helped me attain that dream through the encouragement from the lyrics of ‘MY ROCK’ and His word.

Now, your dream may not require as many years to achieve as mine did; and you don’t have to travel across continents and countries to fulfil your dream. Wherever and whatever you are at right now, the lyrics of ‘MY ROCK’ will inspire you to believe in your dream, pursue your dream and attain every dream and desire God puts in your heart, regardless of how long it has taken you till now if you trust in Him and follow the principles found in His word, the Rock of Salvation.

Through the inspiration from the lyrics of ‘MY ROCK’, I have also seen other dreams fulfilled, such as writing my first book, ‘Living Your Dream’ as well as hosting a YouTube weekly inspirational broadcast, ‘Word & Worship with Ayobola’ which aims to encourage my audience among other things, that they too can achieve their dreams following principles from the word of God.

More importantly, I’m inspired to continue dreaming of greater ways to serve and impact the world around me for good and for God. I keep pressing in to take hold and walk in all of the dreams for which Christ has taken hold of me, so His purpose and will for my life may be fulfilled despite any adversity or challenges.

No matter how rough or tough the journey may have been or may still be, keep on dreaming of the better and greater future destination you see in your heart. No matter how long you’ve been handling a situation without it changing, let that never deflect from who God has shown you, you are and where He is bringing you to. Stand firm on the Rock of Ages, the Living Word of God, and don’t relent in pursuing the dreams He puts in your heart.

If He has given you a heart to conceive it, He will empower your hands to achieve it.

Lots of love.


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