God Of Creation

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Once, while at the top of a skyscraper, I looked around me in awe at the wonder of God’s handiwork. As I viewed the sky above me and the earth below; as I traced the moving animals and people around the building with my eyes; as I watched the leaves in the trees and all nature swirl to the rhythm of the wind blowing ever so gently; I could not but marvel at the work of His hand and worship Him for His breath-taking craftmanship in creation. All things, in heaven and earth, great and small, He has created for His glory and pleasure.

There and then a familiar 80’s song came to mind and before I knew it, a new song was being created in my spirit and I tapped my feet to the rhythm of the new song within me as I gazed upon the beauty and glory of God’s Creation. I was so inspired, that I penned my thoughts on paper and wrote the song ‘God Of Creation’ as soon as I got home.

‘God Of Creation’ is a funky, upbeat tune, infused with some rapping in broken English at the end. If you are a Lagosian, ‘God of Creation’ will definitely make you feel at home as you let God carry you through the rhythm and lyrics over the “Third Mainland bridge and no let you fall inside water”. ‘God Of Creation’ is going to get you dancing and singing, and perhaps, rapping too!

So, if you’re looking for an upbeat but cool manner of worship, join me and all creation as we celebrate the awesome God of creation with the new sound of ‘God Of Creation’.

God bless.

Ayobola Elegbede

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