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As a strong believer in the power of having a dream and the possibility of seeing that dream fulfilled, I was inspired to write the book, ‘Living  Your Dream’. The inspiration to write ‘Living Your Dream’ came from ‘MY ROCK’, a song that was given to me by the Holy Spirit as I took an afternoon nap on the 3rd of March, 2015. (You can find the full inspirational story of MY ROCK in my blog titled: MY ROCK (Chilled  Version)).

‘Living Your Dream’ is an inspirational guide that helps readers pursue and achieve their dreams in life. Drawing from biblical stories, personal anecdotes, and practical advice, it provides encouragement for dreamers at any stage of their journeys. The book is divided into four parts that build upon each other: Kick-starting Your Dream; Driving To Your Dream; Living Your Dream; and Roadblocks To Your Dream. Each chapter includes an inspiring story, reflection questions, positive affirmations, scripture meditations, and action steps to apply its lessons.

Whether you are just starting to explore your passion, actively working towards a dream, or overcoming obstacles, ‘Living Your Dream’ offers faith-based wisdom in alignment with purpose and diligence. The insights in the book will empower you to let go of past mistakes, realign with God’s plan for your life, and boldly pursue the dreams and desires He has placed in your heart with compassion and conviction.

‘Living Your Dream’ equips you to transform your God-given vision into reality through patience, prayer, and unwavering commitment to your dreams. To get your copy of ‘Living Your Dream’ please, click here.

If He has given you a heart to conceive it, He will empower your hands to achieve it.

Yes, go on and dream and live your dream. Amen.

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