Why ‘GIVE MY LIFE’ at Christmas?

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I hope you’re keeping well and all your loved ones too.

I had been much occupied over the past few weeks, dedicating essential time to the promotion of my single, ‘MY ROCK’. This has led to my unavoidable silence until now and I’m thrilled to be able to focus my attention back where it’s required, to you! And I do hope you’ve had the opportunity to listen to ‘MY ROCK’ and find it much of a blessing as it’s been reported by many who have listened to it. Do to leave me your feedback of how ‘MY ROCK’ has been a blessing to you on my social media, when you do listen to it.

So, it’s that time again. The season of Christmas, when we give gifts to one another; to friends, family and strangers. But we often forget one thing; giving something to the one whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas, Jesus Christ, our Lord and God. Ironically, we can’t really give God anything, because everything including ourselves and all we have belongs to Him already! So, what do we and what can we give to God, the One who owns everything and gave it all up for us?

My newest single, ‘GIVE MY LIFE’ answers that question by inviting us to give God our life, heart, soul, and everything. Because, even though God is the creator of everything, including the very breath within us, He does not have true possession of us unless we freely surrender ourselves to Him as a gift to honour Him. And what better time to honour God with the gift of our life, other than at Christmas?

A late popular artist sang: “…last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…” What a sad thing to experience at any time of the year and certainly not at Christmas! Here’s the good news! You can entrust your heart, your soul, your entire life, and everything to God at Christmas and any other time without experiencing heartbreak or disappointment.

‘GIVE MY LIFE’ sings just about that. So, I’m excited to inform you, that GIVE MY LIFE’ will be released on all streaming platforms from the 15th of December, 2023 and you get to be one of the first to see the premier lyrics video of ‘GIVE MY LIFE’ on the 15th December, 2023 when you pre-save the song now!

May your heart be rested, secured, and full of joy as you give your life, heart, soul, and everything to God this Christmas and beyond in Jesus’ name.

Link to pre-save ‘GIVE MY LIFE’

Lots of love and wishing you a very merry Christmas.


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